About Us

Why Choose The Swet Haus?

Sweting gracefully, together.

We believe looking our best helps us feel our best. We open our doors each morning to help our clients feel confident, inspired and happier – ready to take on the world.

We are passionate about health and fitness. We are SWET gurus and thrive on sharing our passion and knowledge. We specialize in aerobic/anaerobic methods and advanced training programs to give you the tools to make well-informed fitness results – all in a safe, supportive and empowering environment.

We pledge to always offer you our best – with athletic excellence and your well being at the forefront of our studio. You deserve to experience something extraordinary… because you are extraordinary.

Welcome to The Swet Haus. We’re on this journey together – let’s make it swety.

Our Vision

You ask, “what’s in a name?” So did we. Our story began with three commitments:

  • The Swet Haus is more than an indoor cycling studio, it’s a set of values lived inside the class and in everyday life.
  • The Swet Haus inspires riders to look beyond their self-imposed limitations to become more. We believe that an athlete exists in every single person, regardless of age, size or physique. But to unleash this inner athlete, you have to train like one, which means pushing yourself to beyond what you think you’re capable of. The Swet Haus provides a sanctuary for just that. A place of positive change, where people can reach their health and fitness goals as part of a community, and gain a new sense of confidence while recharging the soul.
  • In This Haus – We are defined by what we do. Strength is in the struggle. Failure does not exist. Together, we SWET.

Where We Set Our Fresh Pressed Juice

Our Nanaimo, BC Swet Haus is fully appointed with state of the art technologies and products for an inclusive approach to your fitness journey.

A fusion of West Coast charm and European sophistication will transport you from your everyday life in a serene setting for health and wellness. Every finish has been thoughtfully considered to reflect our natural, stylish health conscious personality. We will not confirm nor deny the existence of a disco ball…

We Ride To Work

Nestled amidst the heart of North Nanaimo’s Longwood Station community and in the company of extraordinary neighbors, the Swet Haus is one of North America’s most comprehensive indoor cycling and fitness studios. We celebrate our pledge to continuously enhance our services and provide leading fitness solutions.

Set Apart By Science

The Swet Haus is recognized for employing outstanding technologies for the effective and safe treatment of athletic training, and overall health and wellness. We also want to leave a happy imprint on the earth and community we share. To do our part, we look for green, sustainable, earth and animal-friendly products as often as possible.

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